How Mailtrap is Getting Ready for GDPR

On May 08, 2018
2min read
Olga Rusnak Marketing Specialist @Railsware

With the GDPR going into effect in less than a month, our team has created this blog post to explain what measures we have taken so far or are currently working on in order to ensure Mailtrap’s full compliance with the Regulation.

Data collection, processing, and storage

  • We carried out an audit of all types of Personal and Navigational Data we collect through Mailtrap’s website and application; identified where the data is stored and listed the responsibles who have access to it.
  • We have documented the data processing processes which exist in the organization.


  • We have reviewed the list of data processors that, as a result of our cooperation, may gain partial or full access to Mailtrap’s website visitors’ and application users’ Personal or Navigational Data.
  • We made sure that these processors have already claimed being GDPR ready, or are on the way to implementing the principles of the Regulation now.
  • Mailtrap will provide the option for website visitors and application users to agree to the Privacy Policy, Navigational Information Statement (use of cookies) and Terms of Service Agreement, and by doing so – allow Mailtrap to process their data.
  • To make sure the communication is based on user preferences only, we are going to ask Mailtrap clients to give additional consent to receive anything other than product- and account-related information.
  • We have finalized the new versions of Mailtrap’s Privacy Policy, Navigational Information Statement and the Terms of Service Agreement. We will publish the documents and notify website visitors and application users through an embedded website notification. We are also going to share this update through Mailtrap’s social media, as well as send personalized emails to all application users.
  • We are working on putting together a set of internal policies, processes and procedures that are necessary for Mailtrap to conform to GDPR.

New feature

  • Our team is planning to release a new feature that will enable a user to delete one’s Mailtrap account, as well as all their Personal Information stored in Mailtrap’s databases.
  • Before we release this feature, a Mailtrap user wanting to delete their account, should send a request at providing an API token and the email address of the account you want us to delete.

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Raising awareness

  • Mailtrap’s GDPR working group has already communicated the principles of GDPR to our staff members so that our team is aware of the upcoming changes in the data protection legislation and understands the risks and the impact it will have on their work.

Elaboration of new functionality

  • Having closely studied the privacy by design and privacy by default concepts, our product and development teams have already started applying them in practice while planning and implementing new features for Mailtrap.

If you have any further questions which relate to Mailtrap’s compliance with GDPR, and your Data Privacy and Security, please email us at

Article by Olga Rusnak Marketing Specialist @Railsware