Email Sending

Send Emails Using Bash 

On February 20, 2024 By Veljko Ristić
Learn how to send emails with Bash or Shell script using the command line and different commands: plain text, HTML, with attachments and in bulk. Click here.

How to Send HTML Emails in Java: 2024 Guide

On February 18, 2024 By Denys Kontorskyy
This article guides Java developers in sending HTML emails using the JavaMail API and Mailtrap, covering SMTP setup, embedded images, attachments, multiple recipients, and email testing.

Top-Rated Transactional Email Services for WordPress

This is an image for an article that covers Top-Rated Transactional Email Services for WordPress
On February 09, 2024 By Denys Kontorskyy
Selecting the right transactional email service for your WordPress site is vital for successful email delivery and customer communication. This guide explores top providers, emphasizing their pros and cons.