Improved Templates with Drag-and-Drop Editor, Simplified Integration Flow, and More

On July 03, 2024
2min read
Ketevan Bostoganashvili Technical Content Writer @Mailtrap
New email templates with drag and drop builder

Back in March, we released Email Testing API for email templates. Now, we’ve extended the templates’ features, making them available for all our products: Email API/SMTP, Email Testing, and Email Marketing.

Drag-and-drop email builder 

Previously, you could only build/edit email templates with an HTML code editor.  

Now, we also have a drag-and-drop email builder that doesn’t require any coding. You can easily build your designs from scratch or choose the desired template from our library. 

The drag-and-drop editor comes with AI-powered Smart Headings, Smart Text, Smart Buttons, and Magic Image, as well as versatile options for building responsive designs. 

Building an email template with Mailtrap drag and drop editor

Similar to HTML code editor, drag-and-drop editor supports variables, enabling you to personalize your emails whether you’re sending transactional, bulk, or marketing emails. 

Easier integration 

We’ve also introduced several improvements to simplify the integration of Email Templates with Email API/SMTP and Email Testing. 

When you create a template, you can go to the Integration tab and switch between products from there. You’ll see all the necessary credentials within one tab. 

Integrating Mailtrap Templates using Email API/SMTP and Email Testing

This means that you can easily test the template in staging with Email Testing and, once it’s refined, send it on production using Email API/SMTP. 

Learn more about email templates and their integration here

Testing template variables

When you trap your templates in the Email Testing sandbox, you have the option to view and validate all the template variables. This information is available in the Tech info tab. 

You’ll also find the template name with a link to easily access and modify the template if needed. 

Testing and sending templates with API 

Now all our APIs, Email Sending API, Bulk Sending API, and Email Testing API support templates. 

You can use them with any programming language that supports HTTP requests. The detailed RESTful API docs are available here

Updated templates are available for all our users. 

Article by Ketevan Bostoganashvili Technical Content Writer @Mailtrap

I’m a Technical Content Writer with more than 5 years of experience and passion to cover software engineering topics. I mostly write about email infrastructure and create code-rich guides about sending and testing emails, but I also love writing about result-driven email marketing.