Mailtrap Is Now ISO Certified 

On April 10, 2024
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Ketevan Bostoganashvili Technical Content Writer @Mailtrap
Mailtrap robot holds a certificate to indicate Mailtrap acquiring ISO certification

Information security has always been paramount to Mailtrap. We’ve always had the necessary security processes in place and applied industry best practices consistently. However, we wanted to link those processes and best practices to a standard that our customers could be confident in. That’s why we have now acquired ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification. 

What is ISO certification? 

ISO/IEC 27001:2022 is an international standard for information security management systems (ISMS). The 2022 version has additional information security, cybersecurity, and privacy protection controls. 

What does ISO certification mean for Mailtrap? 

The ISO/IEC 2700:2022 certification confirms our commitment to security by certifying that:

  • Our development process is handled in accordance with ISO standards. This includes Engineering, Design, and Quality Assurance, as well as supporting functions such as Technical Support, Marketing, Legal, Human Resources, etc.
  • We have a systematic approach to managing information, which also means enhancing role-based security and data management;
  • We handle security (digital and physical) in a way that is suitable for the context we work in, whether handling customer data, software development, or other functions. 
  • We periodically review our security processes; 
  • We continuously test and improve our security, resilience, and response to events, such as disaster recovery, social engineering attacks, etc.

What does ISO certification mean for you as a customer? 

For you, as our customer, Mailtrap ISO certification means:

  • Enhanced security posture through the application of internationally recognized and standardized best practices;
  • Better compliance with security standards and regulations by using a certified service;
  • Enhanced data protection, which includes privacy, integrity, and availability; 
  • Service continuity and availability, even in disruptive scenarios;
  • Enhanced account security to prevent malicious actors from using the service on your behalf.

Since ISO/IEC 2700:2022 is an international standard, the abovementioned benefits apply to you regardless of your location. 

A bit more about privacy 

Apart from being ISO certified, Mailtrap is also GDPR compliant. We have multiple policies that protect our users in the EEA countries: 

  • Allowing cookie selection on our website;
  • Not tracking without explicit consent; 
  • Allowing our users to update or even withdraw their consent to collect and process their personal information at any time. 
  • Allowing our customers to request the removal of all their data;
  • Allowing our customers to request a copy of their data.

For more detailed information, read our GDPR-related legal policies.

Article by Ketevan Bostoganashvili Technical Content Writer @Mailtrap

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