Email Infrastructure

Send and Receive Emails in ASP.NET C#

On July 27, 2021 By Piotr Malek
When building software in ASP.NET, sooner or later you'll need to figure out how to send emails from your platform. We're covering various scenarios for you.

Sending Emails with Ruby

On July 17, 2021 By Maciej Walusiak
A guide about the most common options to send emails from a Ruby app using standard Net::SMTP class and versatile gems like Mail or ActionMailer.

How to Send Emails from Spring Boot App

On June 17, 2021 By Brena Monteiro
This article is a step-by-step guide on how to create a landing page that sends a welcome email to subscribers with Spring Boot App. It covers each step from downloading the necessary tools to running proper tests.

How to Send Emails in Flask

On February 03, 2021 By Piotr Malek
We explain the basics of sending emails in Flask, including the asynchronous sending with Celery. Sample code included.