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Email Infrastructure

DKIM Explained

On November 21, 2022 By Piotr Malek
DKIM is the gold standard for verifying the sender of an email message, and to confirm the message was not altered in transit. Learn why you should use it and how it actually works.

Send and Receive Emails in C#

On November 08, 2022 By Dzenana Kajtaz
Find out how to send plain text or HTML emails with attachments in C# using the built-in .NET SMTP library, MailKit library, or Mailtrap Email API.

How to Send Emails in Java: 2022 Guide

On October 18, 2022 By Diana Lepilkina
This post will introduce main options for sending emails from Java apps. While Java Mail (which is now Jakarta Mail) is the main package, Simple Java Mail, Spring Framework, and Apache Commons Email also deserve your attention. See the code samples to understand which one works for you.