Powerful QA automation for testing your email sequences

Cover all your testing scenarios with Testing API.

The essentials available with Testing API

Integrate with your favorite environment

Sandbox Fake SMTP works seamlessly with Selenium, Cucumber, Protractor, and many other testing tools.

Verify multiple variables at a time

Testing if emails are sent and delivered is just the first step. Automatically verify email headers, subject, body, attachments, and more.

Make use of well-documented API

Comprehensive documentation is available for each feature. There’s no learning curve and you’ll launch the first tests within minutes.

Test complex sequences with ease

Write tests covering simple and complex scenarios. Test any email-related functionality effortlessly.

Collaborate with development team

Share the testing space with your dev team or set up individual inboxes for each environment. Pass test emails between team members effortlessly.

Trusted by 150,000+ monthly active users

How QAs use Email Testing


  • Check any emails within your end-to-end automated test suites

    Pick any, even the most complex email sequence and include it in the corresponding test.

  • Launch the tests

    Use Testing API to build and launch automated acceptance tests for the entire sequence.

  • Verify the test results automatically

    Confirm the results automatically using the Testing API. Validate if email headers and content are as expected and if the sending triggers work properly. Validate subject lines, links, attachments, and others.

From our #BestClientsEver

Tom Ravn

I am testing Mailtrap last weeks. You can send emails from your domain for free. They allow 1000 mails/month. It is quite ok. It can be used with good old SMTP connection or via API. https://mailtrap.io/
12:49 PM – Feb 20, 2023

Joshua Lim S. Ming

I’ve dreaded setting up VPS’ to work with an external SMTP but @Mailtrap made things so easy! They’ve got the code and everything that you can copy and paste!
12:35 PM – Dec 02, 2022
Y’all know what’s really good? https://mailtrap.io/ @Mailtrap
3:44 PM – May 16, 2023

Joshua Anderton

Just signed up for @Mailtrap and I’m loving it. So easy to set up. Provides so much peace of mind. Ahh just love it.
7:38 PM – Jan 13, 2021


After all these years of web development, how have I only JUST started using @Mailtrap. I had heard about it, but never got round to using it. An awesome way of testing emails 👏
1:25 PM – Nov 07, 2020

Alessandro Rodi

I love @Mailtrap. It removes all the asshole of configuring email servers in test environments. Great service! Is totally worth your money!
1:15 PM – Oct 20, 2020

Mr. Glass

Shout out to @Mailtrap, hands down the best way to handle mail sending in local/test environments.
11:43 PM – May 21, 2020

Rado Georgiev 

One thing we started using recently is @Mailtrap for our dev & staging environments. We were previously either turning email sending entirely off for staging or running SES + whitelist. Turns out, having a fake SMTP mailbox is great and you can test better with it.
1:32 PM – Jan 06, 2021

Doug Black Jr

Can we all agree @Mailtrap is a gift to developers everywhere? It just works SO easily out of the box!!!!
9:45 PM – Aug 11, 2020

Email testing toolset available with sandbox

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Validate the HTML/CSS rules included in your emails template. Gauge the support across popular clients – on web, mobile, and desktop.

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Testing API

Cover your code with automated tests and validate each message sent in dev and staging. Verify emails sent from live sites as well.

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Test email sending from your project and view each email sent in your Testing inbox. Never send a thing to the recipients’ inboxes.

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