Top Email Sending and Testing Resources

How to Embed HTML5 Video in Email

On June 23, 2022
9min read
Viktoriia Ivanenko Technical Content Writer @ Mailtrap
Sending emails in laravel

How to Send Emails in Laravel: A Complete SMTP & API Guide

On March 19, 2024
19min read
Want to add email sending to your Laravel app? This Laravel send email tutorial has got you covered! It even touches on Laravel Mailtrap sending and testing.
Aleksandr Varnin
Full Stack Developer @ Railsware

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How to Send an Email in Python

How to Send Email in Python: SMTP & API Methods Explained

On April 24, 2024
24min read
This tutorial will guide you through the most essential steps of sending and testing emails in Python. You will learn how to send HTML email, add images, attachments, and more.
Aleksandr Varnin
Full Stack Developer @ Railsware

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How to Test Email: A Personal Journey

On December 25, 2023
15min read
Find out how to test email: the role of email testing, what can be tested, and how to do it effectively to guarantee high email deliverability.
Veljko Ristić
Content Manager @ Mailtrap

How to Test Emails in PHP

On May 28, 2020
6min read
Let’s discuss how to test and preview emails in your PHP app or website during development!
Diana Lepilkina
Content Specialist @Mailtrap

Laravel Email Testing: Mailtrap vs. Other Options

On September 01, 2020
7min read
There are several popular methods for email testing in Laravel. We analyze how each one works and what they're great for.
Piotr Malek
Technical Content Writer @ Mailtrap
Email infrastructure components

An ultimate guide to email infrastructure

On January 31, 2024
9min read
Learn what email infrastructure is, why it is needed, what it consists of, and how to manage it properly: an overview of tools and approaches. Click here.
Ketevan Bostoganashvili
Technical Content Writer @Mailtrap
This is a cover image fro the ultimate email deliverability guide which covers the details of email deliverability

Email deliverability: Everything you need to know

On January 05, 2024
17min read
Many factors have an impact on whether an email will be delivered or not. Check out what to do and what to avoid to always be on the winning side!
Piotr Malek
Technical Content Writer @ Mailtrap
This is a featured image on an article covering email sender reputation

Email Sender Reputation Made Simple

On March 28, 2024
8min read
Email sender reputation is a key factor affecting your email deliverability. Learn what it is and how you can improve it.
Zakhar Yung
Technical Content Writer @Mailtrap

What is Email Marketing: In-Depth Guide

On February 14, 2023
21min read
Want to master email marketing? Check out this article, where we cover everything from definitions and types to best practices and launching your first campaign.
Dzenana Kajtaz
Technical Content Writer @Mailtrap
This is a cover image for the article "Mass Email Marketing 101" that explains how to send large amounts of emails at once for marketing purposes.

Mass Email Marketing 101

On February 16, 2024
19min read
Read this article to learn all the ins and outs of mass email marketing: definition, pros & cons, legality, step-by-step tutorial, helpful tools, and more!
Dzenana Kajtaz
Technical Content Writer @Mailtrap
Mailtrap robot holds a certificate to indicate Mailtrap acquiring ISO certification

Mailtrap Is Now ISO Certified 

On April 10, 2024
2min read
Mailtrap can now certify that we handle all the development processes in accordance with ISO standards. Learn what this means in this article.
Ketevan Bostoganashvili
Technical Content Writer @Mailtrap

ActionMailer Balancer: Keeping the Email Sending Equilibrium

On December 21, 2022
4min read
Mailtrap ActionMailer Balancer is an ActionMailer extension that allows proportionally distributing the email sending load between two different sending services and mitigating the sending risks.
Viktoriia Ivanenko
Technical Content Writer @ Mailtrap

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Inbox Placement – Beginner Guide

On June 14, 2024
8min read
Inbox placement should concern you even more than email deliverability! Learn what inbox placement is, how to calculate it, and how to improve the metric!
Daria Roshchyna
Technical Content Writer @Mailtrap