Now Mailtrap Customers Can Test Email Templates via API

On March 26, 2024
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Ketevan Bostoganashvili Technical Content Writer @Mailtrap
Email Testing API for Email Templates

From now on, Mailtrap customers can send Email Templates to our Sandbox via API and test them before sending them on production. 

Email Testing API for Email Templates 

Previously, the Send Test feature was the only option to test your Email Templates. It enabled you to send a template to the account owner’s email address before sending it to the recipients. While the Send Test feature allowed you to inspect the template in your email client, it didn’t have the advanced testing features that our Email Testing product offers. 

Now, our Email Testing API supports Email Templates as well. With this improvement, you can tweak the template integration code to include the Email Testing API endpoint, desired inbox ID, and the API token of your inbox. Then, send an email as you normally would. 

Instead of a real inbox, your email templates will end up in the Email Testing inbox. There, you can: 

  • Check the Spam Score;
  • See what they would look like on mobile, desktop and tablet devices;
  • Compare text and HTML versions;
  • Check email client support for HTML elements;
  • Ensure variables were rendered correctly; 
  • Check if the links, images, and attachments work properly; 
  • Automate test flows and scenarios, and much more. 
Email Template sent to Email Testing inbox via API

Learn more about email templates and their integration here

Email Testing API for Email Templates is available for all Mailtrap users. You can use it with any programming language that supports HTTP requests. You can view detailed API docs here

We’re actively working on making Email Testing Email Templates available through SDKs. We’ll keep you updated and let you know as soon as we release them. 

Article by Ketevan Bostoganashvili Technical Content Writer @Mailtrap

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