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On November 29, 2019
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Diana Lepilkina Content Specialist @Mailtrap

Email marketing trends and technologies are developing fast. Following a few blogs is a great way to stay up-to-date or just find inspiration. Hubspot, Sendgrid, and Mailchimp are definitely among the top email marketing blogs but there are also other great resources which are less popular but definitely worth following.

What kind of blogs do we consider to be the best?

The range of topics covered by email marketing software companies are more or less the same. They provide answers to the questions you are most likely interested in. In each blog, you will certainly find information about the following:

  • writing and designing emails that your audience will read and interact with, including free templates and examples
  • attracting subscribers to your newsletter and converting them into leads
  • improving email deliverability 

On our Mailtrap blog, we create articles that deliver added value to our readers: precise and specific information, complicated things that are explained simply, along with easy to comprehend formatting and visuals. We look for the same things in all the content we read and recommend. Here, we have listed blogs we enjoy reading and roughly categorized them according to the tasks they are targeting. 

Build and deliver better emails

Email sending providers usually focus their content on crafting better templates and improving email deliverability. You will be able to find tips for both mass and transactional emails.

Elastic Email

Stay up to date with the newest email marketing and email delivery tips, industry updates, and more from Elastic Email’s experts.

Elastic Email provides email marketing tools, web forms, A/X testing, along with the email API. The blog is categorized with email marketing tips and transactional email topics. The articles are mostly about the following:

  • email newsletters
  • different types of emails and optimization for email clients
  • email deliverability and email lists

Elastic Email posts platform updates and advice on the effective use of its tools.

Posting frequency: 1 – 5 posts per month


Everything Email. Every Week.

MailJet is another email sending platform for marketers and developers. It provides tools for building templates and campaigns, along with means for sending and analyzing them. On the MailJet blog, you will find numerous articles about email templates for different occasions. They mostly cover email deliverability but also focus on the following:

  • email marketing techniques
  • email infrastructure
  • email security

Posting frequency: 5 – 7 posts per month


Email best practices, advice, tools and industry trends for practical use.

SparkPost is an email delivery platform featuring secure delivery infrastructure and predictive analytics. The blog content is mainly focused on the following:

  • email validation
  • spam score optimization
  • email marketing news and trends
  • tips for different types of businesses: SaaS, FinTech, MarTech, etc.

Also, SparkPost shares updates on products and company life on their blog. 

Posting frequency: 10-15 posts per month

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Drive sales through email

The main goals of email marketing are nurturing new leads, converting them to customers, and increasing sales. Unsurprisingly, the majority of blogs by email marketing automation platforms target e-commerce, where email marketing is one of the most efficient channels. On most blogs, you will find templates and tricks for Black Friday and Christmas email campaigns, techniques to improve personalization, as well as ways to grow your subscriber list. We feature several engaging, meaningful, and visually attractive blogs here.  

Active Campaign

Marketing and sales automation tips to help small businesses get more customers

The Active Campaign platform unites tools for email marketing, marketing automation, sales CRM, and website messaging. On their blog, you will find unconventional content about:

  • email acquisition 
  • sales pipeline
  • content marketing

They also have “Culture” and “Spotlight” categories, where they share engaging stories about their company life, relationship, productivity, and customer success. 

Posting frequency: 12-15 posts per month


Email Marketing Tips Delivered

AWeber is an email marketing platform for small businesses. It features tools for email design, sending, analytics, building marketing funnels, gaining subscribers, and driving sales through email. They share inspiring and interesting tips on related topics in their blog. There you will find recommendations on:

  • preparing email marketing campaigns for different seasons and holidays
  • writing emails that increase engagement (+nice templates)
  • testing your email campaigns

Posting frequency: 4-5 posts per month

In addition, AWeber runs an Ask Me About Email Marketing podcast. It is focused not only on email marketing but also on podcasting itself. If you are thinking of making your own podcast, you will find it especially useful. Also, in this case, we recommend checking this article on choosing the podcast hosting site.


Practical Email Marketing For Engagement With Customers

Benchmark is another popular service for email marketing automation and crafting and sending email campaigns. They write about:

  • email marketing automation
  • ways to increase ROI
  • growing your email lists

In addition, they share valuable statistics and email marketing insights, along with stories about well-known brands. 

Posting frequency: 5 – 8 posts per month

Campaign Monitor

The best digital and email marketing content by Campaign Monitor.

Campaign Monitor offers two email marketing platforms: one for brands and one for e-commerce. This is why the blog is focused on:

  • E-commerce and lead generation
  • better newsletters and personalized emails

You will also find many tips for building engaging campaigns for non-profit organizations. 

Posting frequency: 35 – 40 posts per month


Master the art of ecommerce one post at a time

The Printful blog focuses on marketing tricks and general know-how, starting a business, and all-things-ecommerce.

From time to time they also share tips about email marketing for online store owners to connect better with their loyal and potential customers.

Namely, the Printful blog has educational and entertaining pieces about Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday campaigns, and other tricks to try during the shopping peak season. For instance, dig into their article about Holiday Marketing and learn a few effective ideas to make the most of the holiday time.

Create and design engaging email templates


If you are looking for email design inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Chamaileon is an email content management tool with a great set of features for building beautiful and responsive email templates. They also write about email marketing strategy and share best practices and email campaign guides on their blog, but we stick to their “Email Design Inspiration” articles. There you will find numerous templates for various occasions, email template design best practices, and new designs trends.

Posting frequency: 1 – 4 posts per month (in this category)

Email Design by BEEFREE

Email design blog. With knowledge and passion, we aim to turn email communication into something meant for everyone. 

BEE is another cloud-based email builder that we have featured in our Top 10 HTML Email Editors blog post. We are pleased to also include their email design blog on our list of the best email marketing blogs. You will read about:

  • inspiring email design ideas
  • best practices for different industries and occasions 
  • top email design trends

They also post video tutorials and run workshops on creating better designs and integrating their tool with different email sending providers. 

Posting frequency: 3 – 6 posts per month

Emma (Design)

Design compelling mobile emails, craft effective CTAs, and keep up with the biggest brands in the inbox.

Emma is an email marketing platform featuring email automation, an email editor, analytics, landing pages, and a significant list of integrations. They also cover various email marketing topics on their blog – from tips on building an email list to steps of measuring email marketing ROI.

But we are particularly excited about their design section. They don’t post often, but when they do they deliver unique content, including:

  • interviews with brand experts 
  • email design and marketing examples explained
  • A/B testing inspiration
  • data-based insights

Posting frequency: 1 – 2 posts per quarter

Other email marketing resources

There are three more resources we find useful to follow but can’t put in any of the above categories. One of them is not even actually a blog 🙂 

Email Monday

Email Monday is a service and blog by Jordie van Rijn, an independent email marketing consultant. He writes about the following:

  • email marketing strategy 
  • mobile email marketing
  • list growth
  • email optimization

We especially recommend his email marketing reports and statistics. 

Modern Marketing Blog by Oracle

The Modern Marketing Blog covers the latest in marketing strategy, technology, and innovation.

This blog platform is about marketing generally, but they cover a list of quite uncommon email marketing topics that we find useful, such as:

  • optimizing audience potential 
  • following email marketing trends
  • managing your data effectively 
  • digital marketing innovations

Really Good Emails 

Really Good Emails is not a blog, but a collection of customizable email templates for every possible occasion. Also, they can send you email designs and links weekly via newsletter. 

Stay tuned!

We have selected the best email marketing blogs to follow in 2020, but new companies and resources continue to evolve. We will be happy to update this list with new and valuable content. At Mailtrap, we are also running an email-related blog, which is mostly focused on email testing and development at the moment.You can also find reviews of different email services, email deliverability tips and best practices, and advice on email security and infrastructure. You are welcome to join and stay tuned for exciting updates!

Article by Diana Lepilkina Content Specialist @Mailtrap


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Everything about Email Marketing is thoroughly along with some valuable tips to engage readers in reading them. This article is very insightful, thanks for sharing.

Matthew Ryan

Everything about Email Marketing is thoroughly explained along with some valuable tips to engage readers in reading them. This article is very insightful, thanks for sharing.

Matthew Ryan

This is the best list of Email marketing blogs, these blogs will truly help to improvise email marketing and help to generate more leads.

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