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Email Security

SPF Record Explained

On February 07, 2022 By Zakhar Yung
SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record is a DNS record to protect your emails from being forged. Find out more about the SPF to increase the credibility of your product.

DKIM Explained

On January 21, 2022 By Piotr Malek
DKIM is the gold standard for verifying the sender of an email message, and to confirm the message was not altered in transit. Learn why you should use it and how it actually works.

Email Encryption Explained with How-Tos

On April 05, 2021 By Diana Lepilkina
In this article, we explain several types of encryption, from basic (TLS) to advanced ones (S/MIME, OpenPGP, Bitmessage), and also provide instructions on how to implement them. We hope that after reading this article you can easily choose the method and the tool that matches your needs.