Email Security

An ultimate guide to email infrastructure

Email infrastructure components
On January 31, 2024 By Ketevan Bostoganashvili
Learn what email infrastructure is, why it is needed, what it consists of, and how to manage it properly: an overview of tools and approaches. Click here.

PTR Records: Why Do They Matter for Emails?

This is a cover image for an article that covers PTR Records and explains Why Do They Matter for Emails
On January 25, 2024 By Stanislav Shymanskyi
PTR Records play an important role in determining whether your email should be delivered. Learn what they are and how to set them up.

Gmail and Yahoo Email Sender Requirements Update: What’s Changed?

On January 23, 2024 By Denys Kontorskyy
Discover the key updates to Google and Yahoo's email-sending requirements effective February 1, 2024, in our latest guide. Focusing on crucial SPF, DKIM, DMARC authentication, spam reduction strategies, and DNS protocol enhancements.