Share Your Email Testing Results with Team Members

On July 03, 2019
3min read
Yevgen Tsvetukhin Product Manager @Mailtrap

Do you need to share your email testing results with your team or clients? Mailtrap offers features for sharing your inboxes and projects with your team members. In this post, we will explain how to get the most out of Mailtrap when working on multiple projects with your team.

How to organize your test data in Mailtrap

To let you quickly find your data, switch between different tasks, and share your testing results with colleagues or clients, Mailtrap automatically organizes your messages into different inboxes, which are grouped into projects. 

Usually, Mailtrap users tend to create separate inboxes for different environments: development, test, or staging. Each inbox is defined by SMTP credentials: your username and password. If necessary, you can reset them any time. 

Each inbox is a part of a project. When you build several different apps and/or work with many clients, it’s helpful to store the data separately. 

Mailtrap team members and data sharing options

For effortless collaboration with your colleagues or customers (in the Mailtrap app they are called team members), you can share data of your choice with them: whole projects or separate inboxes.

Please note that adding team members option is available in the “Team” and higher billing plans. However, you can be invited to any inbox or project as a user regardless of the billing plan you currently use. Users can view the content of the inbox or the whole project but only owners may invite or delete members

According to your billing plan, you can share your projects and inboxes with a definite number of team members. Just a reminder, a team member is a Mailtrap registered user defined by their email address. 

For example, you currently use the “Business” plan, so you can invite up to 40 team members to collaborate on your tasks.  If you invite someone to work with you on your project, this team member gets access to all inboxes in this project. You can add up to 40 unique team members across all your projects and inboxes. This way, you can share several projects with one and the same Mailtrap user and it will be counted as one team member. 

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How to share your projects or inboxes?

You can invite your colleagues or customers to collaborate on your tasks. For this purpose, you have two main features.

1. Sharing projects. To share the whole project with all its inboxes, you have two options. Press the Team Members icon next to the project name or go to the Team Members tab in any inbox in this project, and click the Project Team Members link.

  • Send the invitation by email. Enter your team member’s email address, and we will immediately send the email invitation.  You can send the invitation to any email address even if it is not registered in Mailtrap yet.
  • As soon as this email address owner presses the Join Inbox button in the email invitation, he or she will be redirected to the Mailtrap sign up page. Creating a free account takes just a couple of minutes, and once it is set up, this team member will find your project on the Mailtrap app home page. 
  • You can invite team members to your project by sending a shareable link. In the same tab, you will see the list of this Project’s members and their status: pending (not accepted your invitation), owner, or user. As a project owner, you can manage team members here.

2. Sharing inboxes. To share a separate inbox, go to the Team Members tab in this inbox.  Enter your team member’s email address to send the invitation.

Once the invitation is accepted, this user will get access to your inbox and all its messages. Just like with projects, you can invite team members even if they don’t use Mailtrap yet. In this case, they will be asked to create a free account. 

Later all users who accepted your invitation will be able to find your inbox in the Shared Inboxes section of the main menu. 

As a project owner, you will see the list of this inbox’s team members, their status, and the options to add or delete users here as well. 

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Teamwork made easier

Collaboration and carefully organized data are among the Mailtrap priorities and as a result, its most distinguishing features. We are constantly working on improving them and your user experience. Options for sharing the whole projects or only separate inboxes simplify access management and help to keep your test data safe. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Article by Yevgen Tsvetukhin Product Manager @Mailtrap