2023 Email Signature Trends in Numbers

On August 17, 2023
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Vasyl Holiney Product Marketing Manager @ MySignature

Email signatures have evolved into a crucial component of professional communication, serving as a potent means for individuals and businesses to leave a lasting impact on their recipients.

In this report on email signature statistics, email signature generator MySignature will thoroughly analyze the findings of a recently conducted survey. MySignature will delve into the valuable insights and trends that have surfaced from the feedback of numerous participants and the email signatures of thousands of users of the service in 2023.

Key Findings on Email Signatures

  • An overwhelming majority of users, 89.9%, have a single email signature, while 8.6% of users utilize up to 10 different email signatures.
  • A significant percentage, 77.8%, of users check their email inbox more than five times daily. On the other hand, 18.1% of users check their inbox 2-4 times daily.
  • A significant portion, 36.3%, of users do not utilize email trackers. Among the users who do, 25.1% opt for paid email trackers, while 14.1% prefer free alternatives.
  • On average, users send a moderate volume of business emails, ranging from 11 to 25 per day.
  • The most prominent industries that heavily utilize email signatures include marketing and sales, real estate and construction, agency and consulting, as well as e-commerce. These sectors recognize the value of professional communication and branding through email signatures.
  • A considerable proportion, 44.4%, of users update their email signatures 2-4 times per year, indicating a commitment to keeping their signatures fresh and relevant. Additionally, 31.6% update their signatures once every few years.
  • The primary goals for using email signatures are to maintain standardized signatures across the entire company (25.1%), enhance branding, and increase awareness (28.7%). These objectives highlight the importance of consistent and impactful email communication within organizations.

Let’s recap the key stats and see how email signatures can benefit branding and marketing.

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Survey Demographics and Analysis

The survey encompassed the responses of over 250+ participants, including small businesses, solopreneurs, professionals in marketing and sales, freelancers, and real estate agencies. Additionally, data from 20,000 user accounts on MySignature was analyzed, providing a comprehensive view of email signature usage and trends.

The survey reached participants from various regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and India. This regional diversity contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of email signature practices on a global scale.

Article by Vasyl Holiney Product Marketing Manager @ MySignature

Vasyl is a Product Marketing Manager at MySignature with experience in SEO and Growth. He has been featured on HubSpot, The Next Web, ActiveCampaign, and other well-known marketing blogs.