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On January 30, 2020
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Diana Lepilkina Content Specialist @Mailtrap

Even in a serious job, there is room for fun. Jokes help reduce anxiety and smooth out awkward situations. They also help us learn from someone’s mistakes. So this is the main idea of this blog post! Scroll down and laugh with the Mailtrap team as we refer to situations related to emails and give you a list of useful resources on email sending and testing.

When your inbox is "now trending" - a cat typing super quickly on the laptop

Well, cats are just hilarious. Also, have you ever wondered how much time you spend on emails?

I got an email asking for my email adderss. Boromir facepalm image

We can’t forget Boromir, can we? And this is exactly the face of your recipients when they get your poorly crafted confirmation emails.

One of you will betray me: SPAM filter, DMARC, SPF, DKIM, PTR. The Last Supper image.

This one is our favorite! Email deliverability is a topic everyone is writing about, and there are so many details you should take care of. DMARC, SPF, DKIM – all of these are domain authentication methods that really matter. Here is our ultimate guide on the email deliverability.

A cat catching an envelope dropped to a door postbox


What do you say we bounce like a bad email?

A bad email bounce is a hard bounce. That means that the address doesn’t exist or your IP is rejected by this recipient. So find another way! 

Who is it I have written to? The Spanish Princess gif

What does it take to know your subscribers? Nowadays we use marketing automation to personalize experiences in emails. Well, usually…

Looks at these awesome deals you can't refuse.
-Fuck you, I want to unsubscribe these spam mails!
-You need to log in to unsubscribe
-I forgot my password!
-This email is unknown to us.

Don’t let your subscribers go easily!

When people are fighting over emails and you are just in CC. Image of a man sitting on the balcony right next to 2 guys with guns

What about Bcc in emails then? Cc is visible to all recipients and usually doesn’t cause any trouble. Bcc is a blind copy and it makes things much more complicated. We have explained how Bcc works and how you can test it in this post.

That look when you send an email to the wrong sunscribers! Astonished husky picture.

This is the topic we can talk about forever. Email testing! And email testing + husky = a perfect match. Especially if you don’t run pre-production tests with a dummy SMTP server.

You get a test, and you get a test, and you get a test, everybody gets a test!!! Oprah meme

Flooded inboxes, annoyed colleagues, and irritated customers! This is all about email testing failures.

Tried to create 2 test accounts. Can't use the same email for both accounts:(

This is all about the pain of using fake email addresses for testing. And the pithiest thing is that,  in the end, dummy emails just don’t work in most cases. Read and learn about the alternatives (spoiler: it is possible to use the same address for several test email accounts).

One month free-trial - my 828th email address

This one is about the real purpose of using disposable or fake email addresses.

Weekend email blasts - test them you must. Yoda picture

Classics are always on trend. And our motto is: test all email blasts (even if in your skills you trust 🙂 )

When you send an email and immediately fo to the Sent box so you can "read it from their perspective"

Well, this is not the best way to understand your recipients or preview your messages either.

Cat beaten by flying emails

Start with a cat, finish with a cat. This should be a golden rule of everything related to pictures. Moreover, this cat has definitely spammed its own inbox with another dozen test emails. 

Every developer: we need to implement an email alert system to notify us if production crashes. Every developer after the first crash: how do we turn of these email alerts?

This is not actually a meme but it portrays the developers’ reality so well! Mailtrap is here to make a web developer’s life easier, with a reliable tool for both safe email system testing and production monitoring.

We also collect funny stories and pictures related to email testing and sending. If you have some, please share them with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Article by Diana Lepilkina Content Specialist @Mailtrap


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