Email API that just works

Reliable Email API/SMTP Service. Infrastructure with high deliverability rates by design.

Why Use Mailtrap for Email Delivery

Deliverability Monitoring

Monitor your deliverability as you do with Infrastructure. Don’t be too late to respond to deliverability issues. With Mailtrap’s alerts you can be proactive and take action as soon as our system flags an issue with your emails.

SMTP and APIs Compatible with Sendgrid, Mailgun, Mandrill

We support standard SMTP protocol and have compatible APIs. This saves time and makes the switch to Mailtrap easier.

60 Days of Detailed Logs

Within 60 days you get access to all messages history. You can find the needed email, inspect it, troubleshoot and debug.

Secure and User-Friendly Setup

We help you get all the necessary DNS records to ensure great deliverability. We also rotate your DKIM keys to provide another layer of security. Follow the step-by-step wizard to complete the setup in a few minutes.

Single Screen Email Stats

A quick look at the dashboard gives your team insight into the critical metrics. When necessary, dig deeper to improve your email perfomance.

Test, Send, Control Emails in One Place 

No need to log into a few systems and to manage billing for all of them. Complete email development cycle – test and send your emails within one solution.

We Help You Switch

Our Support and Deliverability experts are here to help you. Don’t hesitate to reach out now. Our team will guide you during the whole process.

Customers Testimonials

We’ve been users of mailtrap for a long time yet their new sending functionality has still managed to surprise us with its ease of onboarding and support, reliability and analytics. It was a seamless switch from a big competitor and we’ve never looked back.

Will Henderson


We choose Mailtrap as sending provider for transactional emails. We’ve been using Sendgrid before and didn’t have any issues with the transition and our deliverability even improved a little. We love how smooth the experience was.

Julia Ryzhkova

Product Manager @


Why try Mailtrap Email Sending (SMTP or API)?

We offer comprehensive metrics and stats to help understand emails performance, including alerts, logs, and content previews. It takes only a few steps to switch to our SMTP and if you need help – we’ll guide you through the process.

What about Pricing?

Mailtrap pricing plans are described here. BTW, you don’t need to provide credit card information to get started with our Sending solution.

Is your solution reliable ?

Yes, more than 1 million developers have trusted Mailtrap for 15 years. Companies that switched to Mailtrap Email Sending even report some increases in deliverability rates. And we wouldn’t offer something to our customers that we don’t use ourselves.

Dedicated IP?

We recommend to get a dedicated IP if you send more than 200,000 emails a month. And rest assured we keep an eye on shared IPs to ensure they offer great deliverability.

What about switching from Sengrid/Mandrill/Mailgun?

Switching from your current sending service is pretty straightforward. You can easily change the SMTPs or use compatible APIs. If you need assistance contact our support team. Feel free to book a call so our experts can guide you during the switch

Do you offer tracking and custom domain for redirects?

Yes, Mailtrap offers tracking of opens and clicks. You can also use you own domain for links redirects.