Mailtrap for Software Houses

Introduce Mailtrap to your clients – one platform for sending and testing emails. Designed for excellent deliverability and featuring industry best email analytics.

Trusted by 150,000+ monthly active users

Client Benefits

  1. Deliverability expert guidance
  2. Fast track compliance check
  3. Priority support
  4. Free migration period
  5. 10% discount
  6. ISO 27001 information security management, GDPR compliance

Software House Benefits

  1. Free access to Mailtrap Business plans: Email Sending 100K/mo (transactional and marketing) and Email Testing  
  2. Email Sending and Email Testing within one platform
  3. Priority support 
  4. Dedicated partnership manager 
  5. 10% discount for your clients 
  6. Mailtrap Demo for your clients (if requested)

Why Choose Mailtrap

Considering Mailtrap? Here’s everything you need to know – detailed comparison of Mailtrap with other email delivery services.


Terminology comparisons, SMTP, or API configurations, and other tech specifications needed for a seamless migration.


Switch from Mailgun without headache: tech specifications, app configurations, and specific terms for an unhindered transition.

Mailchimp Transactional Emails

Start sending with Mailtrap in no time. Our step-by-step migration guide together with the support team will add up to a slick switch.

Amazon SES

Migrate to the email platform with high deliverability rates by design. Compare specs, configs, and terms with no effort.